Tonight's Whispering

by Gondoliers



The most unsettling trio of noisemakers on any plane of existence today, Gondoliers, are set to release their first record on Midriff Records on November 19, 2013. The album, Tonight’s Whispering, dives headlong into twisted worlds. The vinyl version of Tonight’s Whispering is a split release between Midriff Records and the 100% Breakfast label (, 844 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139). Tonight’s Whispering is a fury of noise-pop wonder and tension.

Tonight’s Whispering is full of poison vapor synths and the hailstorm guitars that Gondoliers has been mapping out for the past few years behind the demented navigation of vocalist John Manson. Here, the band distills their sickened mind-meld of generations of the thorniest rock possible – laserstorm prog, the gnarled electronics of Einsturzende Neubauten, the off-balance drums of Jawbox, guitars that swerve between Duane Denison and Thurston Moore all with the looseness and fun of a Pavement album.

Gondoliers – which was originally Daniel Madri (Joy, the Jack McCoys, Godboy) on guitar and synths and Brendan Gibson on drums – had released a handful of instrumental records as a two-piece before hooking up with Manson for their first stab at recording together in 2011. Manson was already one of the most recognizable performers in the Boston, MA area. He’d spent years howling through gas masks and bashing battered metal drums in Neptune, fronting the Young Sexy Assassins from behind an onstage desk, and courting awkward moments with the junkyard Vangelis atmospherics of Magic People. From outside of clubs and basement bulkheads, you’d hear his voice carry over the rest of the band’s cacophony in its telltale crazed oration, one long and unfolding nightmare sermon. He was a perfect fit for the Gondoliers’ bleak sci-fi assault.

The re-launched band took to blasting rickety basement shows with blinding floodlights and overwhelming noise. Gondoliers come at the whole thing with a metaphysical trickster detachment. They dress in coveralls, they dress in hard hats. They wrap themselves in plastic backyard sports equipment and spill cheap beer all over the house.

There are sleek, ice cold synth pads from ‘80s dystopian night clubs. There are uncomfortable guitars tangled up and discarded from post-hardcore garbage trucks. Sickened feverish dreams slip past it in an oily fog. The band conjures a mish-mash of John Carpenter films playing melted and out of order at all the wrong speeds. Casts of pilgrims, castaways, backyard hobos, lusting visitors with little wrists, archrivals, and narcissistic artists jump out of shadows. The band changes directions without the slightest warning. Gondoliers are a dangerous, messy band. Part twisted dance band, part jarring noise band, but not without familiarity. Like an old art damaged drinking buddy, Tonight’s Whispering pulls you in with its eccentricities and does things that stick in your craw for months after they’ve left. It’s a strange world and Gondoliers are cool with it.

Gondoliers will be touring Europe this fall with more road time to come. We hope you’ll get behind Tonight’s Whispering and bask in its magic.


released November 19, 2013

John Manson - Vocals
Dan Madri - Guitar, Synth, backing vocals
Brendan Gibson - Drums

Recorded by Doug DeMay

Available on vinyl from 100%Breakfast/Midriff Records
Available digitally at



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Gondoliers Somerville, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Hair Patterns
You know that man?
He's the one from before
Look at how he looks
His name is something like "what's his name"
From that time before ( this time that is )
Remember that chick
He was always with?
She had the hair and she dressed like she was all that there is
Like she was something special
Like she was something precious
From some time before this time we're in
I don't know why
I can't really say
But I got the feeling something else was going on
In those good old days
In a time before this time that is
Now it's strange to say
But you know what I mean
They never ever said hi to me
And that's how you, that's how you know
When they lord it over you
With their unintentional hair
All those secrets and lies piled up inside of there
And that's how you
That there's something wrong
With those kind of folk.
Track Name: Man Next Door
Step up and sing or sit back and pout
Whatever you think will make us think what you think you're all about
Get in the ring or sob in your drink
You don't need to throw a single punch
To show you're a knock out
I've been buried in dirt
Living among the worms
Now I'm peeling back all my bandages
And exposing my new flesh to the elements
I'm a mummy rising rising up from my tomb
And running through these woods in the nude
Dress to the left or dress to the right
Just to the side of our righteous leftist lives
The man you loved is not this one
He's the man behind door # 2
And he's been watching all your moves
I've been living down underground
Breathing the mud and the roots
Now I'm peeling off all my bandages
And rising up from my tomb
I'm exposing all of my wounds to the wind
And running around in the nude
We didn't stand one single chance
Of getting into that man's heaven
He was always watching from a short distance
With a sideways glance
We were just neighbors to our savior
We just obeyed because he did us favors
I washed off the rocks that I found in the yard
It turns out that I had been pissing out diamonds
It burns like hell when passing
It tore my head to shreds
I've got no good news
But I'm collecting clues
I'm a mummy just rising up from the tomb
And I'm running as fast as I can through th
Track Name: Unshared Beliefs
Wash your hands and count to 20
Don't take other people's shit
Don't just follow the $ but
Keep a close eye on where it's all been hidden
There's always room for one more
Always the chance we were wrong before
When we look at ourselves in photos
We are losing our souls for sure
We are parakeets fighting with mirrors
Fish biting glass as feet come nearer
Our disintegration is our charm
We are not meant to last through this much harm
Now there are salts to huff
And so much less pain to tough out
When things got too rough
There are safe words that we can call out
When our jaws come unhinged
It opens the door to our inards
And the demons that were hanging about
Will be free to go out on the town
We can paint our cell walls any color we please
And build all the machines we dreamed would come to be
We need only ignore the detractors
Make love to the screen
Not just worship the actors
Share all the dreams that keep us from sleeping
Delve deep into our unshared beliefs
Track Name: Downward Drift
Now we're trying to prop up this house with sticks
It's harder than it looks to you with your free-swinging dicks
It would seem that I'm in need of some therapeutic massages
There are some wonderful books with pictures, diagrams, and catharsis
The water table is rather full
It's almost as if we'd planned it to overflow
Just beneath our units the chickens are running amok
Inside of my belly their offspring have run out of luck
They obediently kept to their stations
You seized upon the situation
While I just watched the weeds grow up
Between the shingles and the foundation
The ants keep on making their way in
No matter how many we step on
The water table is rather full
It's almost as if we'd planned it to overflow
Oh, now I know that we will most likely
Choke on the chicken's bones
We stay sick as long as we stick to the
Narrative of the downward drift
We stay sick as long as we stick to the plan
Laid out by the invisible hands
We lose our patients once we slip our mitts
From the hands of the downward drifting man.
Track Name: Loose Associations
Never ever ever was I ever more sure that we were surely slipping
Than the day the radio told me we were surely winning
There's a voice in the air aimed straight at my ear hole
I'm sure that we'd be the greatest of peers though
I think you were sent by then to test my persistence
I know you were sent by them to test my resistance
There's a voice in the air aimed straight at my ear hole
I'm sure that we'd be the greatest of peers though
I won't say nothing to no one about what we did
The secret remains between us and the mattresses
I'll light a match just to burn off the gasses
Then we'll kiss goodbye to 7 years of taxes
I won't say nothing to nobody nohow
The colors are running and I haven't learned how
To separate the meat from the brains
So the mess spreads and camouflages
With the bloodstains
We got loose with the truth
We got loose with the clues
With young associates we would jest
And free associate with the rest
The truth is so ruthless
The youth is so useless
The brutality of the truth is that
We've made a mess of this.
Track Name: We Fit
All up and down the grounds of this tit-wrenching town
We walk like zombies with mommies nipping at our heels
We didn't get laid and we didn't get paid then
We didn't get paid again and we didn't get laid again
We fit so snuggily
Still there is something endearing about these blocks of masonry
Abandoned and standing is if they'll never recede
In symmetry enduring the sounds of our feet hitting the ground
From corner to corner to roundabout to rotary
We fit so snuggily
Between the hats and the hairs, between the stoners and their stares
Watching the lions from the comfort of our favorite chairs
Under awnings, smoking and yawning awaiting the neighbors
Newest spawning to spark the infarction in our hearts that reminds us
Why we built that ark so goddamned wide
So that we'd fit
Into the cracks and the crevices
Into the gapes in the oddest of places
We are happier in the tighter spaces
Where the man won't catch our faces
Up the flagpoles, up the stairs, up the towers
Wherever we drop seed we blossom and flower
Into closets and bathrooms and convenience stores
We spread our love across the kitchen floors
If we were home and left in charge
We would just sleep in and retard
If we don't build a boat we can't ever float
We'll just lay in our baths until our deaths come and find us alone
Awaiting the guiding hands of the EMTs
Gently we will be eased
Into double wide aluminum beds miraculously
We fit so snuggily.
Track Name: Slaves
If I don't survive to see
The bottom of this bowl of peeled grapes
Please, please, please, please
Remember me to my slaves
Nothing is more important
Than the names that they will shout in the streets
Blindly they have built all our finest ways
They scrub our columns until the gleam as teeth
From the walls they have built they will
Hail, hail, hail, hail
Hail to my train
Nothing is more important
Than the names that they will shout in the streets
These hills will bear my name
These coins will bear my face
These slaves will bear my body to the grave
I have Romulan ambition
Their skins will appear as clear as window pane
The truth in leather will be before us once again
All ways will lead to my way
As the wine stains my fatted cheeks
Nothing is more important
Than the names that they will shout in the streets
I have Romulan ambition
If only to hang my body around your necks
Track Name: Goldwing
Float towards the door
Hold onto what's yours
Take your one good find
Take it with you on the highway
Take it to bed every night
Watch it open up wide
And burn with the weed
Staining your genes
You're an old star
Burning bright
Pass it off and pass it along to the next collector
Pass it off and pass it back to the store where you got it
Pass it off and put it back into the microphone
Your pants are torn
Your head is shorn
You can't forget you were wronged before
Drop your pins into the holes where they were first formed
Drop your pins with the caps into the collection dish
Drop your pins into the soil and prayer that they are made into gold
Race towards their sharp uniforms
Built up to super-size on platforms
Embrace the soldiers thighs and let them keep what they stole
And dance
Dance until your heart explodes
Dance until you lose yourself
And lose your soul
Dance until your feet fall off
Dance until your feet grow wings and you bleed solid gold.
Track Name: Mackerel Hill
Or maybe some sort of a factory
There may have been a really specialized machine
They probably broke down and closed down
When times started changing
When they couldn't afford to stay current and profitable
Isn't that the way we all go?
Down out of history
Rusting away in the weeds, near the woods
This much I know
I can tell when there's been a commotion
I know a little bit about a little bit about this sort of thing
I can tell there was a show. I can smell a letting go
The bodies leave stains and auras and things
Glowing rings hovering above plants in the shapes
Of the tragedies that they've witnessed
You don't need records to show that the past was here
And it was brutally administered
There was some major accounting delivered
Somebody paid for someone's sins
There must have been one gigantic reckoning
Something went horribly wrong up on Mackerel Hill
Track Name: Broadcaster
Listen up you bliss-ters and bobbers
I'm broadcasting to you all hear
On this sort of nature station
I'm not preaching, I'm just saying
You can tie it down and end it's reign
But I can't keep it penned up for the sofa or the bedspread
I'm broadcasting
There's safety in #s
There's a future for all heirs
So I'm tossing my nets out
As far as I can spread 'em
I'm broadcasting
My eyes keep searching
Looking for survivors
I'm a troller trolling on the curved horizon
I can keep on going until my libido sinks into the ocean
The next one will be stronger still and even harder to kill
A crystallized monster
A true abomination
An occasion for celebration
With no reservations
A maker of men
A builder of nations
A mover of motions
A broadcasting sensation